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    President Trumps White House Media Blackout Has Reporters Talking Mutiny

    Nearly every president in office, at one time or another, is confronted with a near-impossible decision. Lincolns suspension of habeas corpus. Truman relieving General MacArthur. Kennedys blockade of Cuba during the missile crisis. And now, the great question of President Donald Trumps era: does he care more about his image? Or about his ratings? The […] More

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    Cat Sneaks Up On Other Cat

    As Mushroom?the munchkin cat?watched his owner, Chacaro, the other munchkin cat, slowly crept behind. When Mushroom turned around and saw Chacaro behind him, Chacaro?looked away and pretended like he was minding his own business. But Mushroom was on to Chacaro’s motives and hopped away before Chacaro could get him. Read more: More

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    What Happens When Instagram Disappears In Front of Your Face? This Viral Photo Shoot Nailed It.

    An awakening to our iPhone-hooked generation like you’ve never seen it before… Eric Pickersgill‘s latest work is shedding some pretty awesome light on the inauthenticity of our Instagram lifestyles. The idea that technology has takenover ourphone-addicted generation isnot a new assertion, but Pickersgill took it one step further by showingus how unreal our ‘real’ lives […] More

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    It’s time for Facebook to kill the News Feed

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the keynote address at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in San Francisco.Image: AP Photo/Eric Risberg Every employee at Facebook should be ashamed of what their product became this year: a tangled mess of bizarre falsehoods and outdated information used as ammo to help people scream at […] More

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    Why AWS has such a big lead in the cloud

    When you look at the size of the cloud market, its astonishing that AWS is the undisputed leader, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Considering the competition is the likes of Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle; AWSs big lead is even more surprising. The question is how did AWS build such dominance? The […] More

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    6 Completely Ridiculous Ways Famous Movies Paid The Bills

    Movies, even the small ones, are expensive. Today, when a plucky new filmmaker gets rejected by the studio system, they can turn to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to raise the capital they need to bring their dreams to (usually terrible) life. However, in the days before Indiegogo, some now-famous directors got the money they needed […] More

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