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    The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices

    David Hernandez, a 44 -year-old restaurant worker and Type 1 diabetic, didn’t have insurance from 2011 through 2014 and often couldn’t afford insulin–a workhorse medication whose list price has risen more than 270 percentage in the last decade. As an expression of the results of his skimping on dosages, Hernandez in 2011 suffered permanent blindness […] More

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    Snake bites are on the rise in US

    ( CNN) Meg Trammell, age 11, had just eaten supper after her first day of school at Advent Episcopal School in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Meg never realized the actual serpent, she only heard a rustle in the bushes. She suspects it bit her while she paused on the stoop or maybe while descending the steps. […] More

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    The Best & Worst Foods To Eat At Any Fourth Of July BBQ

    Ah, July 4th: a time in America where our changes are put aside( until we get belligerently drunk) so we can chug brew, wear truly questionable American flag garb, listen to Kid Rock, and defined things on fire/ explosion anything in sight as a show of respect for our founding fathers. Navigating a barbecue when […] More

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    Congo violence fuels fears of return to 90s bloodbath

    Reports of a militia cutting off toddlers limbs and stabbing pregnant women have raised the spectre of another horrific civil war Thousands of people have been killed and more than a million displaced in the most severe outbreak of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo in recent years, raising fears of a return to […] More

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    Self-driving police patrol to hit Dubai

    (CNN)Self-driving police vehicles are set to hit Dubai — but don’t expect to catch a ride in one. This autonomous police car is tiny. With a wheel base less than four by two feet, the sensor-heavy O-R3 is fitted with 360 degree HD cameras, thermal imaging, a laser scanner and Lidar (light detecting and ranging), […] More

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