Blind Man Has Never Seen His WifeWhen He Sees Her for the 1st Time, He Has Just 2 Words

This dad has been blind for 16 years, and he has never laid eyes on his wife or son…

Imagine being married to a woman whose face youve never seen. Or being called daddy by your son, and not knowing what he looks like. Imagine living every day without the blessing of sightsomething that most of us take for granted without even realizing it.

Thats the reality for Gene Purdie, who was born with Stargardts disease. Its an eye disease that effects the retina, and allows him to only see faint glimpsesaround the edges of whatever he looks at.

Though he was born with the condition, Gene wasnt formally diagnosed until he was 16 years old. He went on to meet the love of his life, Joy, and after getting married, the two welcomed their son, Lincoln.

The onlytrouble is that Gene had still never seen what his family looks like.

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Joy was watching the Rachael Ray Show one day when one of Rachaels guest was a woman with Stargardts disease.

She hadnt been able to see her sisters smile in over 10years. With the help of a special pair of electronic glasses, the guest on Rachaels show was actually able to see! The technology is engineered by a company called eSight, which specializes in revolutionary eyewear technology that allows people with visual impairment to see again.

Watching it all unfold on the TV screen in front of her, Joy was completely overwhelmed. She wrote a letter to the show, in hopes that they might give her family the same amazing opportunity.

Those prayers were answered, and the family of three from Denver made their way to New York City to appear on the show.

Gene waited anxiously on stage for the eSight glasses to be slipped over his head.

Once they were on, the audience and everyone in the studio werent sure at first if the technology had worked. Then Gene looked toward his wife and the words just slipped out of his mouth, Shes pretty.

As you can imagine, the couple was totally overwhelmed with emotion, and Gene was just soaking up all of the full images of thingshes been piecing together, a little at a time for 16 years.

To cap it all off, Rachael Ray then announced that the company eSight is gifting Gene and his family with the $15,000 glasses! Now he has the opportunity to see his wife every day, and watch his son grow up in ways that he’s never been able to before.

Sight or no sight, one thing is for sure, Gene is full of life. It’s clear that his inability to see the world around him has never hindered his joy or spirit.

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