Bravo star Stassi Schroeder blasted for ‘Nazi chic’ picture as #dumpstassi campaign gains steam

Bravo is refusing to comment after one of its biggest stars posted a pic on social media describing her outfit as “Nazi Chic.”

The NBC Universal network behind “Vanderpump Rules” and other trashy reality shows would not say whether or not Stassi Schroeder’s Nazi-themed posting merited any sort of discipline, not would they comment on her future at the network.

Schroeder was blasted on social media for her caption, “Nazi Chic,” on Instagram. 

The picture has two other Bravo castmates Kristen Doute and Rachel O’Brien alongside her labeled “Criminal Chic” and “Tupac Chic.”

The 29 year old quickly deleted the photo after social media users lashed out at her. She then re-posted it with a new caption, however fans were not happy with the snafu. The hashtag #dumpstassi was started.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hey quick clarification @stassi nazi jokes are never funny #dumpstassi”

Another chimed in, “Hey @stassi see my great grandparents here in the middle? Cute right! Guess what?! They were murdered by Nazis! So funny.”

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