Chrissy Teigen announces pregnancy with adorable video and some help from little Luna

Image: Getty Images for the Internation

It looks like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend will be adding one more to their family in 2018. 

The parents of Luna, a true angel on earth, announced the pregnancy in typical Teigen fashion Tuesday: with an Instagram video that will leave you grinning like a fool. 

“Luna, what’s in here?” Teigen said to her daughter, referencing her stomach. “Bb,” Luna exclaimed, drooling to the sound of some rousing “awwws” in the background. 

That, celebrities, is how you announce a pregnancy: you hire Luna to do it for you.  

it’s john’s!

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Teigen followed up with a cheeky caption proclaiming that the baby was Legends, and the congrats began pouring in. 

Cheers to the growing family!

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