Deaf Girl Gets Cochlear Implant So She Can Hear Her Boyfriend Propose

I can’t get enough of listening to people tell their proposal stories. Each story is unique and usually compliments the character traits of the people involved. My dad proposed to my mom on the beach as the sun was setting, and my best friend recently proposed to his new wife at Disney World. Both proposals are totally different and equally as adorable. But, there may have just been a proposal story so over-the-top-incredible that we all might as well give up. 

Andrea Diaz had been deaf her whole life, but thanks to the amazing technology of cochlear implants, she was finally able to hear for the first time. Her doctor gathered her in a room with her boyfriend, Kevin, as they prepared to turn the device on for the first time. Once the implant was turned on, Andrea was overwhelmed by the new sensation, but nothing could prepare her for what would happen next. Just seconds after hearing her first-ever words, Kevin got down on one knee and asked Andrea to marry him. 

“I love you so much and you’re my best friend baby,” Kevin said. “I wanted to make one of the first things that you hear me asking you to marry me.” Unsurprisingly, many tears were shed in the doctor’s office and from most everyone who watches this video. Good luck trying to top that proposal.  

H/T: EyeEagleNews01

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