Inside Donald Trumps One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models

I was there to party myself. It was guys with younger girls, sex, a lot of sex, a lot of cocaine, top-shelf liquor but no smoking. Trump didnt approve of cigarettes.”>

The morals of Donald J. Trump, as a longtime model lover and then a modeling agency owner, were forged in another era, one in which young girls were used as a sort of currency between men doing business with one another.

Its not a time that Trump, who once blew up gossip reporters phones to dish on his own sexual exploits, real and imagined, is eager to remember now. But after I wrote for The Daily Beast earlier this year about the parties he hosted in the 1990s where his wealthy friends, high-rollers from his Atlantic City casinos, and potential Trump condominium buyers could meet models from second-tier agencies, several men who attended those parties at the Plaza Hotel emerged to share scandalous specifics about Trumps presence and behavior at events where illegal drugs and young women were passed around and used.

Trumps assistant referred a request for comment about the two mens claims, detailed below, to his campaign, which didnt respond to several inquiries.

Ive been covering Trump since 1985, when I worked for The New York Times womens pages. He endorsed one of my books, about real estate, and was a character in two more of them. He talked to me about sex and substances and the substance of the arena in which he made his name, real estate. I published all of it. In 1999, he told me that in 1995 hed been worth about negative $900 million. I didnt have the chops to think to ask for his tax returns.

I also wrote a book about the modeling industry and heard stories about Trump but didnt write them because he wasnt important in it, just another rich guy buying a date farm, perhaps for his friends, perhaps for himself. This wasnt pejorative, just how things were. (Leonardo DiCaprio, at the height of his Pussy Posse fame, thanked Trump for offering one-stop date-shopping.)

Now, those stories seem to matter more, and so I spoke in recent days with two Trump pals, both reluctant to talk about the man they once partied hard with whos now the Republican nominee to be president of the United States. In that capacity, Trump has vowed to sue people who have come forward in recent weeks with allegations about his bad behavior.

One of the two men I spoke with, a fashion photographer, requested anonymity because he has fathered several children since his Trump days and doesnt want his past dredged up. Theres no upside for me, he says.

The other man well, youll read his words. Both confirmed that Trump, as Ive reported, used to host parties in suites at the Plaza Hotel when he owned it, where young women and girls were introduced to older, richer men. This is hardly aberrant behavior in the modeling business. Indeed, it is standard operating procedure. 

But both men also put Donald Trump in the room with cocaine, very young women and underage girls, and rich, old men there topardon my language, but if the Times can say pussy on its front page, I can say thisfuck them.

Im sorry, Ivanka, I really am, because your mother raised you well and I cant blame you for supporting your father (even if he did giveat the leasthis blessing when you were 15 and signed on as a model yourself with Elite, the hard-partying high-end agency founded by notorious teen-fucker John Casablancas) but heres the sad truth: Your dads not a dog. Hes a pig. 

The photographer says he attended Trumps parties with one of the owners of the hair salon, Pierre Michel, that operated in both the Plaza and Trump Tower. The salon owner, Pierre Ouaknine, says his memories of those Plaza parties vanished after a recent surgery. But the photographers memories are crystal clear. Trump would take over suites on the corners of his hotel with views of Central Park and Grand Army Plaza, not to mention lots to look at inside, and wow his guests.

The attraction for the men was young girls assuming theyd get somewhere by joining the party, the photographer says, Of course, it never happens.

Young models were attracted to the ftes with a simple, time-tested pitch. Youll meet rich guys who will help you, says the photographer. It was networking, but on a weird, bizarre scale. 

The girls were as young as 15, he says, and over their heads, they had no idea, and they ended up in situations. There were always dramas because the men threw money and drugs at them to keep them enticed. Its based on power and dominating girls who cant push back and can be discarded. Theres always someone to pick them back up. Nobody wants to call home and say Help me. 

Trump would go from room to room, said the photographer, who added that I was there to party myself. It was guys with younger girls, sex, a lot of sex, a lot of cocaine, top-shelf liquor but no smoking. Trump didnt approve of cigarettes. 

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Those men at these parties often knew each other. Its a small community, the photographer says. They exchanged information, facilitated each other. Trump was in and out. Hed wander off with a couple girls. I saw him. He was getting laid like crazy. Trump was at the heart of it. He loved the attention and in private, he was a total fucking beast.

Trump himself nodded to the life when his own daughter began modeling, saying I am only modestly in favor of this because I understand that that life is a very fast life, and at that age it is always a risky proposition. He would know about that life.

Andy Lucchesi, the second man I spoke to, was and remains a male model. He was identified to me by a modeling executive as a frequent visitor to the Trump model salons. I dont want to get him in trouble, Lucchesi says of Trump. I like Donald. I respect the guy. People should want to know about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, referring to the billionaire pedophile who in fact palled around with both Clinton and Trump. I ask if hes equating Trumps parties with Epsteins debauches. Hell no, Lucchesi says.

Lucchesi had been described to me by the modeling executive as an organizer of Trumps parties, one of several who wrangled models to them. Asked about that description, Lucchesi says that the parties werent like an organized once a week thing.

But was he wrangling models for Trump? A lot of people would say that, Lucchesi allows, adding that he thought Trumps motive was a desire to open a model agency of his own, which he eventually did.

Lucchesis recollection of the parties dovetails with the photographers account. There was cocaine around. I never saw him do that. Donald Trump does not do cocaine. Hes in control of himself.

Girls? Well. Of course, Lucchesi says. But I never knew him as one of those guys buying apartments for girls from Estonia. (Though he did marry a model from Slovenia.)

But did he have sex with his female party guests? So, hes a man with a woman, Lucchesi says vaguely. How old were they? A lot of girls, 14, look 24. Thats as juicy as I can get. I never asked how old they were; I just partook. I did partake in activities that would be controversial, too.

Lucchesi adds that hes glad nobody cares about what he did back then. I had so much fun, my body is paying for it now.

And hes not even running for president!

Heres how Trump described himself, recalling his days as a young bachelor in Manhattan, in an interview for one of my books: Trump told me that consequence-free promiscuity was then his second business If I hadnt got married, who knows what would have happened? You had drugs, women and booze all over the fuckin place.

As a young man on the make in New York, hed joined the private Le Club. It was fuckin wild, he told me. The most beautiful women Ive ever seen in my life were at Le Club. I had seen some incredible women going into Le Club with rich guys. And I said, Boy, thats a cool life.

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