Picture of the Day: The Kuggen Building in Gothenburg, Sweden

Photograph by zamu16 on reddit

Kuggen (Swedish for ‘the cogwheel’) is a 5 storey building designed by WingÃ¥rdh arkitektkontor at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Completed in 2011, the round building’s ‘skin’ is made of six shades of red and two shades of green in a glazed terracotta style; each successive floor also grows in size making for a striking building pattern and shape. The windows are also triangular, allowing daylight to follow the ceiling deep into the building while staying at a low ratio (30%) of the elevation surface. [source]

Kuggen makes use of the following green building technologies: adaptive ventilation, adaptive lighting, interactive heating and cooling systems, and effective daylighting; it’s design has been awarded and recognized for its sustainability.

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