Rebel bear has made his latest (and possibly last) infiltration in Colorado neighborhood

A Colorado woman was briefly trapped inside her vehicle after a bear snuck into her garage, following her as she pulled her vehicle inside.

“Ahhh! ” Denielle Backstrom can be heard yelling before beeping her car horn. “Freakin’ bear, get out of my garage.”

According to The Gazette , the carry built its way within the garage when Backstrom opened it after returning home.

Despite laying on her car horn, and even some motion from her auto, the endure was wholly unfazed by the woman and her attempts to scare it. When births aren’t afraid of humans, things get scary.

Eventually Backstrom was able to safely close the garage door with the bear upon the opposite side. Backstrom afterwards reported the endure to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which specified the birth to be dangerous due to its recent encounters with humans.

The bear has become somewhat notorious in Broadmoor, a neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The same birth stole some ice cream M& M’s from a resident’s freezer earlier in the week only a few blocks away, The Gazette reports.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Bill Vogrin told the Gazette that when they do discover a birth near a neighborhood, they are able to first attempt to frighten it away with loud noises, pepper spray, and even rubber bullets. If the birth comes back again, it is labelled and liberated back into the wild.

This bear, nonetheless, has been so brazen and unafraid of human encounters that the agency has declared it dangerous. The bear will be euthanized if realized around people again, and a trap has been determined near where it was last seen.

“That’s our last resort. We dislike having to do that, ” Vogrin told. “But human health and safety is our primary concern, and when they become dangerous, we’re leave behind no choice.”

Backstrom has received backlash from angry animal rights activists for reporting the endure, though the agency says it’s not her fault.

“This woman is not to blame, but person in her neighborhood sure is, ” Vorgin told The Gazette. “People need to help us keep wild animals wild.”

Vorgin says he believes the endure has been frequenting the neighborhood for years, but has moved unreported by other neighbors.

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