Science Says Sexist Douchebags Are Legit Insane

Do you ever feel like you literally know everything, and then the world tells you youre right? Wait til you hear this. Weve always known that sexist guys are fucked in the head, but now science is here to back us up. A new paper from the (v legit) argues that men who think theyre playboys or having power over the opposite sex are more likely to suffer from mental illness.

The study focused on 11 different groups of masculine norms, and theyre all super charming. Our personal favorites include violence, need for emotional control, disdain for homosexuality, and power over women. Sound like anyone you went to college with? Seriously, fuck guys. Except our gay BFFs, they can totally stay. Basically, the study says that men who identify with most or all of these norms are super likely to have psychological problems.

Hear that, bros? While all you sexist assholes have been busy buying Trump merchandise and shotgunning beers, youve literally been screwing yourselves over. We might only make less than 80 cents to your dollar (complete bullshit but thats another article), but at least we wont have to be locked up in the psych ward. Most likely, youll be depressed and alone by the time youre 30, and well be running for Senate or some shit like that.

If we arent being clear, we dont fuck with sexists. Like, its 2016, get the stick out of your ass and bow down to the boss-ass females all around you. Or like, acknowledge us as equals, at least. Sexism has never been cute, and it never will be. We wouldnt wish mental illness on anyone, but if you think were not ready for women in top positions, you should probably like get your head checked or jump off a bridge or something, your call.

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