She Got Sick of Everyone on Their Phones Ignoring Her& What She Did About It Is Brilliant

In our screen-obsessed world, this is EXACTLY what we need…

If youre anything like the rest of the world in 2017, you probably share a kind of love-hate relationship with smart phones and social media.

Dont get me wrong, theyre great for connecting with family and friends, announcing major life events like pregnancies and engagements, and being able to talk to just about anyone without having to think twice about it. And someone please explain to me how people ever got around without GPS!

Technology has its perks, but theres no denying that todays society has a tendency to be TOO connected. Interpersonal communication and human interaction have taken on a whole new meaning, and the results can honestly be pretty depressing.

Presidents Choice, a Canadian meal company,recently launched a campaign called Crave More, and its message is one we can totally get on board with.

The company believes that good happens when we eat together.

So as part of their campaign initiative, they launched a commercial called #EatTogether, which has generated more than 1.2 million views in the past month.

Though the title is short and simple, the commercial dives deep into our complex world that is anything but.

Viewers watch as a young woman makes her way home through the busy city, and becomes fully aware of just how connected our world isto our cell phones. Her awareness turns to frustration, and she decides to do something about it.

Join the initiative yourself by shutting the technology off, and eating togetherbecause so much good happens when we do.

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