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    The Completely Selfish Reason You Should Help People

    Remember Boston Strong (the bombing), Houston Strong (the hurricane), Florida Strong (the other hurricane), Puerto Rico Strong/Fuerte (the other other hurricane), Vegas Strong (the shooting), and who knows how many others? By the time this column is published, every inch of the world will likely need its own Strong campaign (and some places more than […] More

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    5 Horrible Dictators Who Had Totally WTF Hobbies

    We’d love to say that being in a position of power brings out the best in people, that taking on responsibility prompts thoughtfulness, dignity, and responsibility. But it seems that the political stage attracts fewer mighty lions than its does mentally unstable clowns with more quirks than a manic pixie dream girl. Here are a […] More

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    6 Hilariously Awkward Old Photos Of Famous People

    If you’re anything like us, you live under constant terror that one day, the entire world will see that photo of you. You know, the one with the awkward hairdo, or the awkward outfit, or the awkward … you. The good news is that “the entire world” will probably never see that, because you’re not […] More

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    The Best ‘Bachelor’ Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 4

    I really wanted last nights episode of to be the one where Corinne like, finally explodes but it didnt happen so Im really sad right now. While she did do her normal shtick of sitting out of normal yet mandatory Bachelor group events like shoveling poopie, talking about her nannyRaquel, and threatening to beat the […] More

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    5 Behind The Scenes Stories That Ruin Great Movies

    Making a movie is hard. Every project involves a lot of talented people’s blood, sweat, and tears. Those bodily fluids are then mixed together in a giant vat until they are a smooth, black slurry. Then that slurry is drunk by a director who speaks the incantation and then, infused with the sacred powers, makes […] More

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    Betchy Pope Francis Joined Instagram

    In a move that solidifies his status as the betchiest Pope ever, PopeFrancis made his first-ever Instagram account on Saturday. Frankie has been on Twitter for a while, but Instagram is a whole new venture into millennial territory. After joining, he hit 1 million followers in less than 12 hours, which honestly makes us hate […] More

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