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    This Is How You Really Love Someone Through Depression

    The phrase ‘love yourself before someone can love you’, doesnt apply to people who have depression. Because more than anything they are learning how to love and accept themselves. But sometimes, it takes following someone elses lead to get there. What people fail to address is the concept of truly being loved by another person […] More

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    Sexy Woman Gets Caught Cheating After Sending Nude Snapchats to Her Husband

    This woman clearly wasn’t thinking things all the way through when she decided to send her husband Snapchats from her hotel while she was away on ‘business’.  bphillipp bphillipp bphillipp bphillipp That’s the definition of ‘rekt’ if I ever saw one.  tallmaurice Read more: More

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    Youre Allowed To Leave

    “If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave. Mo Willems. Youre allowed to leave any story you dont find yourself in. Youre allowed to leave any story you dont yourself in. Youre allowed to leave a city that has dimmed your light instead of making you shine brighter, youre allowed to pack all […] More

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    8 Signs Hes Cheating

    Got a hunch your guy might be sleeping around behind your back? Learn how to recognize these telltale signs of infidelity. 1. A hound barks thrice at dawn. Maybe you haven’t caught him in the act of cheating, but if you hear a hound barking thrice at dawn, you might consider checking his text messages, […] More

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