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    Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds

    Fitness tracker makers would have you believe that all that stands between you and the motivation to get up off your couch and get healthy is their shiny wearable device. But a new study conducted by researchers in the UK suggests that, in some circumstances, fitness wearables can end up doing the opposite: becoming a […] More

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    This chatbot took over Tinder to engage with young UK voters

    Image: Leon Neal/ Getty Images Our Tinder profiles are sacred vaults of private and sometimes lascivious conversations. But, scores of young person did something many of us would deem inconceivable they handed over their Tinder profiles to a chatbot during the UK general election in order to encourage young people to vote tactically for Labour […] More

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    Teen ‘finstas’ are an oasis of real in a desert of Instagram fakery

    Image: vicky leta/ mashable Don’t believe everything you read about “finstas, ” the secret Instagram accounts currently puzzling the internet. Rumours swirl about teenagers sharing pics of sex and drugs on their finstas, but in reality, teens are employing these reports to show their real, authentic selves. And, they’re actually pretty damn dorky. SEE ALSO: […] More