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    A Twitter Bot Is Beating Trump Fans

    Ever feel like youre arguing with a brick wall? Scores of Trump supporters have been doing something just like thatfighting with an automated Twitter robot that spouts nonsense.”> @Assbott, which mostly tweets about professional wrestling and baseball, was created to immediately reply to Trumps tweets, then respond with nonsense sentences to any user who interacts […] More

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    Silicon Valley Money Floods to Hillary After Facebook Fat Cat Revealed as Secret Trumpkin

    The Daily Beast revealed Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey as a Trump shitposting sugar daddy. Now the Virtual Reality community is coming out hard for Hillary Clinton.”> Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Oculus Rift developers are donating to Hillary Clinton in direct response to news that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is backing a political action group […] More

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    Three More Hillary Clinton Witnesses Were Given Immunity by FBI

    A Republican congressman revealed Friday that three Hillary Clinton aides were given immunity, another indication that the her email scandal will continue until November. “> Three key witnesses to Hillary Clintons use of a private email server were given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their cooperation with the FBIs investigation, a top U.S. congressman […] More

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    Obamas Imperial Presidency Now Is Trumps

    Liberals let the Obama presidencys expanded powers go virtually unchecked. Now Trump gets to enjoy them.”> For nearly eight years, President Obama massively expanded his authority on national security issues: on the prosecution of whistleblowers, secret surveillance courts, wars without congressional authorization, and drone campaigns without public oversight. During this time the left, with the […] More

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    Hillary Haunted By Big, Stupid Weiners

    Two weeks out from a potentially historic election, were not talking about the female candidates credentials. All were talking about is sexually misbehaving men.”> In the book of Genesis, Eve is the first to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Her hapless husband, Adam, has no choice but to obey […] More

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    The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

    Trumps supporters have long wondered whether hed use billionaire sicko Jeffrey Epstein as ammo against the Clintonsuntil a lurid new lawsuit accused The Donald of raping one of Epsteins girls himself.”> For Jeffrey Epstein and his famous friends, the Aughts were a simpler time, when the businessmen, academics, and celebrities who counted themselves among the […] More

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