Teen With Autism Landed His Dream Job At Starbucks And Now Turns Every Shift Into A Dance Party

There might be over 20,000 almost-identical Starbucks stores around the world, but only one has this special barista working there. Known only by his first name, Sam, his unique work style is taking the Internet by storm thanks to this video. 

Sam performs his barista duties in a slightly different manner than his colleagues because he is autistic and has a movement disorder, a condition that can commonly present itself along with an autism diagnosis. Simply put, this means Sam has a hard time staying still. Most employers wouldn’t even consider Sam as a candidate for handling hot drinks, but Chris, Sam’s manager at Starbucks, believed that he and Sam could work together to channel his movements into a more manageable form: dancing. With a lot of practice, Sam now leads the coffee shop dance party during every shift!

This video was first posted online by Carly Fleischmann, in the hopes that people would see it and become more aware and accepting of people who might not function exactly like they do. Carly knows all about not being able to blend in and dealing with the ensuing judgment and stares. Diagnosed at the age of two with severe autism and an oral motor condition that prohibited speaking, no one expected her to ever progress very far intellectually. However, after years of  all kinds of therapy, Carly was able to speak through technology. Now, she’s published a book, with the help of her father, appeared on television and brought awareness to her story and the stories of others like her. That’s why she posted the video, explaining that her “birthday is in four days and [her] birthday wish this year is to have this video go viral.” So, guys, help her out and show everyone how awesome Sam is!

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