These Skyscrapers Look Normal, But Something Amazing Happens When The Sun Hits Them

The United Arab Emirates is known for their incredible, luxurious views. Gorgeous architecture punctuates the entire region, but these towers in the capital city take things to a whole new level.

Designed to resemble the ornate mashrabiya shades that have been used in their culture for centuries, these majestic skyscrapers have a secret that makes them even more unique.

These intricate shades wrap around the Al Bahar buildings in Abu Dhabi.

They bring a unique texture to the tall structures.

And on top of that, they totally morph when the sun hits them from different angles.

No one ever has to worry about the mid-afternoon glare of the sun beating down on those inside.

The architects at Aedas are responsible for the incredible effect.

These shades are perfect for beating the heat.

(via Bored Panda)

The blending of traditional design and innovative technology has never looked more beautiful. If only I could hire them to do the same thing for my house…

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