This Preemie Was So Teeny Her Hand Fit in Her Dad’s Wedding RingBut Just Look at Her NOW!

She was just one itsy-bitsy pound…

At birth, little Mollie Perrin was so smallthat she could fit her hand through her daddy’s wedding ring. But this itsy-bitsy beauty has been one big miracle since the day she came into this earth.

Her parents, Stephanie and James Perrin, found out early on that their baby girl had a placental disorder that was thwarting her growth and developmentand the news only got worse.

If she made it to birth at all, her life expectancy was to be 3 weeks maximum. At13-weeks premature and only 17 oz., anyone one could understand why.

But fortunately for this lil Christmas miracle, that’s not how her story ends!

Just 8 months ago, Mollieweighed in at a mere pound, but look at how far she’s come!

Despite the doctors’ death sentence, Ms. Mollie continued to fight for life and destroy the odds.

After 20 weeks in the hospital, her parents finallygot to take her home to celebrate her very first Christmas!

“Mollie is now seven months old and we can’t wait to enjoy our first Christmas Day as parents,” said Stephanie. “She’s still so tiny – she now weighs 8lb 3oz – but looking back at the first photos of her with James’s wedding ring around her arm brings tears to my eyes.It’s amazing that she survived and has finally gained weight.It was such a worrying time but now her hand is too big to even fit through the ring, showing how far she’s come.”

Would ya look at that?? Now she’s struggling to fit more than 2 fingers in there. Talk about a growing girl!

Congrats to the Perrins on their precious little 8-pound santa and the gracious God who once again proved the “impossible” wrong!

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