This Uber driver unknowingly picked up her boyfriend’s mistress

Every since the Zolastrip-trip-gone-bad tale went viral a few years ago, Twitter has been hungry for new long narratives of sexuality, disloyalty, and more sexuality. We’ve heard tales of women trapped in a closets, dogs jumping in automobiles with people having sexuality, and now we have an Uber driver who drove a woman to her boyfriend’s house for sexuality or, as she calls it,” a dick appointment .”

It’s a clever literary trick to start with the end of the tale. Much like the first scene in Breaking Bad , we just have to know what the fuck is going on.

Well, she spares no detail, letting us all in on exactly how severely her day went. Harken now dear readers to a tale the Internet has come to know as #Uberbae.

Well, if nothing else, she got some free clothes and, presuming the dude has a “type,” they might even fit.

Twitter, of course, fell in love with the story.

UberBae, whose real name is Bree, told Complex the luggage has been returned, and so far no one is going to jail.

” It’s just a complaint file, basically.If something else happens, the police officer let me know that it would be civil. She would have to press charges and go to court. But she can’t press charges against me! She charged at me first. That apartment complex has, like, heavy cameras to see that .”


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