White House Says U.S. Considering NOT Participating In 2018 Olympics And Has To Walk It Back Immediately!

The U.S. seriously considered withdrawing from the 2018

Obviously reporters had to ask White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the official position on this nonsense — to which she shocked by saying:

“No official decision has been made.”

No decision on whether to attend the Olympics? Seriously, WTF??

Wow. That must have gotten an even quicker, more negative response than most of the tripe out of the White House, because in an uncharacteristic move, Sanders tweeted out almost immediately after the briefing that the U.S. would NOT be skipping the games this year.

Though that might change when Trump sees what Lindsey Vonn said about him

Of course, the fact we even considered dropping out had Twitter aflame with forehead slaps, as well as theories Trump was trying to send a message of solidarity with Vladimir Putin after Russia was banned from the games for doping violations.

Ch-ch-check out some of the hottest takes on the Winter Olympics fiasco (below):

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